Thanksgiving is a time for family, gratitude, and celebration. It’s also a perfect opportunity for kids to engage in festive arts and crafts. Creating Thanksgiving-themed crafts not only keeps children entertained but also helps them understand the meaning of the holiday. Here are some unique and fun Thanksgiving arts and crafts ideas that will make this special time even more memorable.

1. Handprint Turkey Art

Handprint turkeys are a classic Thanksgiving craft that never gets old. To start, have your kids trace their hand on a piece of construction paper using a pencil. Then, they can cut out the handprint shape and decorate it to look like a turkey. The thumb becomes the turkey’s head, and the fingers are its feathers. Provide them with markers, googly eyes, and colorful paper scraps to add eyes, a beak, and feathers. This simple yet adorable craft is a wonderful way to engage younger children and makes for a great keepsake.

2. Gratitude Tree

Creating a gratitude tree is a meaningful craft that helps children reflect on what they are thankful for. Begin by finding a few branches outside and placing them in a vase or container to resemble a tree. Cut out leaf shapes from colorful construction paper, and have your kids write something they are thankful for on each leaf. Punch a hole at the top of each leaf and use string or ribbon to hang them on the branches. This craft not only serves as a beautiful Thanksgiving decoration but also encourages kids to think about gratitude.

3. Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder

Turn a simple paper cup into a fun and functional Pilgrim hat crayon holder. Start by painting the paper cup black. Once the paint is dry, flip the cup upside down and glue it to a black paper circle that’s slightly larger in diameter than the cup to form the brim of the hat. Cut a small rectangle from yellow construction paper to create the hat’s buckle, and glue it onto a strip of black paper to form the hatband. Finally, glue the hatband around the base of the cup. Fill the hat with crayons or markers, and it can be used as a festive centerpiece or place setting.

4. Corn Husk Dolls

Corn husk dolls are a traditional craft that dates back to Native American culture, making them a perfect Thanksgiving project. You can purchase dried corn husks at a craft store or save them from your corn on the cob dinner. Soak the husks in water to make them pliable. To create the doll, layer several husks together and tie them at the top to form the head. Use additional husks to make the arms and body, tying with string as needed. Kids can decorate their dolls with markers or small fabric scraps for clothing. This craft is a great way to teach children about the history and traditions of Thanksgiving.

5. Thanksgiving Wreath

A Thanksgiving wreath is a beautiful and festive decoration that kids can proudly display. Start with a plain wreath base, which can be made from cardboard, foam, or purchased from a craft store. Cut out leaf shapes from colorful construction paper and write something you are thankful for on each leaf. Have the kids glue the leaves onto the wreath base, overlapping them to create a full and vibrant look. Add other embellishments like pinecones, acorns, and small pumpkins to enhance the wreath. Hang the completed wreath on your front door or inside your home to add a festive touch.

6. Pumpkin Pie Spinner

Create a fun and interactive pumpkin pie spinner to celebrate the holiday. Cut a large circle from orange construction paper to represent the pumpkin pie. Cut a smaller circle from white construction paper and glue it to the center as the whipped cream. Divide the orange circle into sections like a pie chart and write different Thanksgiving-related activities or topics in each section, such as “share a funny family story” or “say something you are thankful for.” Attach a paper arrow to the center of the pie using a brass fastener. Kids can spin the arrow to choose an activity, making this a fun game for the Thanksgiving table.


Thanksgiving arts and crafts offer a wonderful way to engage kids in the spirit of the holiday while keeping them entertained. From creating handprint turkeys and gratitude trees to making Pilgrim hat crayon holders and corn husk dolls, these activities are both fun and educational. They provide opportunities for family bonding and help children express their creativity and gratitude. This Thanksgiving, gather your craft supplies, and enjoy some festive crafting time with your kids. The memories and creations you make together will become cherished parts of your holiday traditions.